Thursday, January 21, 2021

AGM and Awards 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Club and our awards presentation will be held on Wednesday the 27th of November 2019 on the Club Deck at Scotstoun Stadium, Danes Drive, Glasgow at 7.30pm.  All members are invited to attend.

In keeping with the procedure from previous years, the evening will be in two parts.  Our awards presentation will take place before any other business, followed by a break for pictures and refreshments.

Any of our younger athletes or their parents who might not be interested in the business of the AGM can leave before the meeting resumes.



Awards Presentation

  1. Welcome from Club President.
  2. Club Managers Report.
  3. Presentation of Annual Awards.

  Break (30 minutes)

  1. Photographs with winners and sponsors
  2. Refreshments

 Annual General Meeting

  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. President’s Remarks.
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising.
  4. Treasurer’s Report.
  5. Confirmation of Subscriptions for the following year.
  6. Election of Trustees and Committee Members
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Membership Secretary
    • Welfare Officer
    • Track and Field Secretary
    • Cross Country Secretary
    • Road Running Secretary
    • Junior Representative
    • Men’s Captain
    • Ladies’ Captain
    • Committee members (4 in number)
  1. Appointment of Team Managers for Outdoor Season.
  2. Discussion regarding the future development of the Club.
  3. Any other competent business.


Annual Awards

Our Annual Awards will be presented at the AGM.  New awards will once again be presented this year.  Each athlete will receive an engraved trophy which they will be able to keep.

The historic trophies will be engraved with the winner’s names and remain on display within our trophy cabinet.

The following members will be presented with their Awards at this year’s AGM.

Jax Thoirs, Holly Kirkwood, Meghan Porterfield, Connor McNally, Kiera Maxwell, Kyle McAulay, James Stewart, Angus Bain, Max Milarvie, Chloe Lambert, Philippa Millage, Katie Burr, Jenna Hilditch, Zoe Douglas, Evie Greig, Steven Bryce, Holly Hailstone, Nicole Lang, Holly Little, Abbey Orr, Michael Johnstone, Fraser Gilmour, Suzanne Gilmour, Catriona Scott, Graeme Laing, Robyn Taylor, Emily Miller and Lauren Greig.

Club Championships

The following athletes will be awarded trophies or medals for success at this years Club Championships.

Aneesah Oubacha, Holly Rowbotham, Autumn Hunter, Nathan Brown, Andrew Bain, Rhuairdh Laing, Henry Moogan-Sharratt, Zoe Douglas, Lucy Carr, Zoe Loughrey, Aaron Watt, Cameron Borthwick, Magnus Bryce, Catriona Scott, Lara Storrie, Beth Bushell, Connor McNally, Sean Livingstone, Callum Paterson, Haley Elliot, Niav Douglas, Lyra Tonner, Adam Hannah, Luke Johnston, Jamie O’Connor, Gregory Gontor, David Keegan, Michael Baillie, Andrew Larter, Sean McCormick, David Mott, Lauren Gallagher and Michael Johnston. 

Club Cross Country Championships

The following athletes will be awarded trophies or medals for success at this years Club Cross Country Championships.

Freya Matheson, Aneesah King Oubacha, Eve Morrison, Rhuairdh Laing, Ollie Petrie, Alastair McLear, Jessica Donnelly, Hannah McDermott, Isla Donnelly, Kyle Flockhart, Robbie Lapping, Fraser Gilmour, Saul McGlennan, Finlay Waters, Niamh Hay, Roisin Cameron Coyle, Gregory Gontor, Becky Dunphy, Amanda McFarlane, Emma Gilmour, Graeme Laing, Alex Potter, Craig Johnstone.


If any of our award winners are unable to attend, we would appreciate being informed in advance if a substitute can be found to collect your trophy.