Thursday, April 02, 2020

Cross Country Update

Victoria Park athletes have been in action in January, including a GB vest for Jo Moultrie at the Edinburgh 6k International.  Jo will receive life membership of the club at our next AGM.

Scottish Masters CC Championships.

 Sat. 30-01-16.


 Andy Law.                    105th.     5thV50.      36:31.

 Gt. Edinburgh CC                    

 Sat. 09-01-16.

 Sen. Ladies 6k International.

 Beth Potter.                  13th.      21:59.

 Jo Moultrie.                  22nd.     22:46.

 U20 Ladies 4k.

 Gillian Black.                23rd.      15:24.

 U17Men 6k.  

 Max Malarvie.                6th.       21:22.

 John Law.                     10th.      21:33.

 Lewis Priest.                 30th.      22:55.

 U13 Boys 3k.

 Callum Byrn                  16th.      11:32.

 Blayne Wright.              30th.      12:23.

 U13Girls 3k.

 Lilley Evens-Haggerty   2nd.      11:26.

 Isla Britton.                     7th.       12:06.

 Niamh Hay.                  13th.       12:34.

 Rhian Callan.                17th.       12:38.