Monday, January 25, 2021

Indoor League Final

Congratulations to all of our teams who represented the club in the Scottish Athletics Indoor League finals and relays today. There were some fantastic results.Zoe Loughrey

The U15 girls finished as league champions, the U17 women finished as league champions and the U20 women finished as league champions.

The U20 men finished 2nd overall in their league final and the U13 girls finished 3rd in their league final.

The U11 girls team finished in 4th place only 1 point away from a medal. The U11 boys team finished in 4th place, only 2 points out of the medals. The U17 men also finished in 4th place, only 10 points away from the medals.

In the relay competition, the U15 girls team of Holly Kirkwood, Catriona Scott, Jenna Hilditch and Evie Greig broke their own national and league record in the 4 x 200m heats with a time of 1:46.21. Unfortunately Jenna was injured late in the day and the team had to pull out of the final.

The U20 women’s relay team won gold, the U11 boys relay team won silver, the U13 boys relay team won silver, the U17 women’s relay team won silver and the U13 girls relay team won bronze.

Thanks to all the team managers for getting the teams out, your efforts aren’t recognised nearly enough.Adam Hannah

It was also a very long day for the officials who once again did a great job. Special mention as always goes to Billy Glasgow for organising the event.

What a great day for the club.

The full results are at this link:…

There was lots of praise for the organisation of the event and the Club.  Perhaps the best comment came from Louise Bain who said on Facebook: "Our performance as a club yesterday was a perfect example of everything that's good about sport in general and our club in particular - kids having fun and working hard as part of a team; families and friends shouting on the kids they didn't know as much as the ones they did; VP athletes all celebrating our various teams' successes and commiserating on the ones that didn't go our way. I can barely watch the news at the moment, but I could watch any one of our races yesterday every day of the week. Well done all you VP athletes and coaches - brilliant effort all round".