Thursday, October 22, 2020

Road Running Results

Kenny McVey sent in the latest results from our Road Runners.

Round The Houses 10K.

 Sun. 12-04-15.


 Christine Catterson.            360th.    5thLv50.    45:56.

 SVHC Walter Ross 10K.

 Sat. 03-05-15.

 Pollok Park.

 Andy Law.                              9th.     3rdV55.     39:42.

 Tom Ord.                              14th.    5thV55.     43:32.

  SVHC Snowball Race.

 We'd. 06-05-15.

 Drumpellier Park.

 Andy Law.                             19th.     2ndV55.     30:16.

 Tom Ord.                               31st.     4thV55.      33:23.

 Great Manchester 10K.

 Sun. 10-05-15.

 Beth Potter.                           13th.     34:25.

 Dunblane 7.5MLK Road Race.

 Sun. 10-05-15.

 Gavin Wright.                          9th.     4thV40.      49:54.


 Thu. 14-05-15.

 Lewis Serpell.                        47th.     1stU17.          36:41.

 Alex Potter.                         107th.     12thV50.       39:33.

 Damien Moore.                   119th.                            40:05.

 Becky Dunphy.                    184th.     13thLady.     42:54.

 Lynn Doherty.                     711th.     204thLady.   64:33.


 Sun. 17-05-15.

 Gerry Craig.                         3rd.      1stVet.      81:43.

 Mark Ashby.                       10th.    1stV50.     89:44.

 Dumbarton 10K.

 Thu. 21-05-15.

 Alex Potter.                        116th.     8thV50.      38:50.

 Mark Ashby.                       148th.     5thV55.      39:51.

 Damien Moore.                  160th.                         40:07.

 Becky Dunphy.                   183rd.     13thLady.  40:59.

 Emma Kay.                          203rd.    16thLady.   41:32.

 Colin Rae.                            255th.     50thV40.   43:02.

 Lynn Doherty.                    687th.                         63:07.

 Clydebank 10K.

 Thu. 28-05-15.

 Duncan Thomson.             85th.     27thV50.     37:36.

 Alex Potter.                      113th.     11thV50.     38:53.

 Becky Dunphy.                145th.      9thLady.     40:00.

 Christine Catterson.        287th.      6thLv50.     44:50.

 Lynn Doherty.                 641st.     186thLady.  60:42.

 Edinburgh Marathon.

 Sun. 31:05:14.

 Gerry Craig.                       30th.     5thV45.      2:50.57.

 Victoria Park 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 06:06:15.

 Duncan Thomson.            6th.     1stV45.     18:50.

 Colin Rae.                        22nd.     2ndV45.    21:01.

 Genna Padgett.            139th.     1stU10G.   28:27.

 Vale Of Leven 10K.

 Sun. 07-06-15.

 Marc Austin.                    6th.     1stU23.     32:54.

 Christine Catterson   232nd.     8thLv50.   45:46.


Kenny McVey