Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Road Running Results

Kenny McVey has sent in the latest set of results from our endurance athletes.  The best performance was possibly Sean Fontana's sub 30 minutes in the 10k and another incredible feat of endurance from Gerry Craig conpleting the 95 miles of West Highland Way in under 20 hours.

Parliament Hill 10000m.

 Sat. 15-05-15.


 Sean Fontana.          8th.     29:16.93.

 Kirkintilloch 10K.

 Thu. 11-06-15.

 Andy Law.                  48th.     2ndV55.     40:23.

 Emma Kay.                 65th.    2ndLady.     42:02.

 Bearsden HG. 10K.

 Sat. 13:06:15.

 Donna Finlayson.       13th.     2ndLady.     42:56.

 Springburn 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 13-06-15.

 Louis Sharp.                 18th.   1stU10Boy.   22:26.

 West Highland Way 95ml Race. 

 Gerry Craig.                  11th.     7thVet.     19hrs. 37min. 40sec.

 SVHC 5K Championships.

 We'd. 24:06:15.


 Andy Law.                      35th.     4thV55.     18:31.

 Pollok 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 20-06-15.

 Ralph Connolly.            7th.     1stV50.     18:52.

 Victoria Park 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 20-06-15.

 Max Malarvie.                    1st.    1stU15.      16:38.

 Lewis Priest.                     2nd.    2ndU15.     16:41. 

 Caitlin Coyle.                123rd.    32ndLady.  26:06.

 Jenna Padgett.            137th.    41stLady.    26:45.