Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Road Running Results

Kenny McVey has sent an update of the Road Running Results.  We'd really appreciate it if you could send in some current pictures when available.


 Pollok Park 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 18-07-15.

 Jacqui Thomson.      27th.     2nd Lady.     20:14.

 Victoria Park 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 18-07-15.

 Daniel Smith.             49th.     4thLady.      21:08.

 St. Andrews 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 25-07-15.

 Ralph Connolly.           8th.     1stV50.       18:56.

 Thomas Connolly.      24th.    4thU14.      21:25.

  Tollcross 5K Park Run.

  Sat. 25-07-15.

  Gavin Wright.               7th.    2ndV45.      20:05.

  Blame Wright.            10th.     1stU14.      20:49.

  Victoria Park 5K Park Run.

  Sat. 25-07-15.

  Rab Daly.                   159th.     3rdV70.     26:07.

  Jenna Padgett.         176th.     1stU10G.   27:05.

  Victoria Park 5K Park Run.

  Sat. 01-08-15.

  Rab Daly.                   143th.     1stV70.      26:34.

  Kilbarchan 8K.

  Mon. 03-08-15.

  Emma Kay.                   21st.    3rdLady.     33:34.

  Garscube Gallop 7K.

  Tue. 04-08-15.

  Emma Kay.                  32nd.    4thLady.     32:24.

  Murdock Meander 7K.

  Wed. 05-08-15.

  Peter Jardine.                 9th.     3rdVet.       29:10.

  Emma Kay.                   23rd.     3rdLady.     33:44.

  Canal Canter. 8K.

  Thu. 06-08-15.

  Emma Kay.                   21st.     2ndLady.     33:59.

  Bella Belter 10K.

  Fri. 07-08-15.

  Emma Kay.                   56th.     6thLady.      42:39.

  Tollcross 5K Park Run.

  Sat. 08-08-15.

  Emma Kay.                   55th.     12thLady.   27:36.   

  Victoria Park 5K Park Run.

  Sat. 08-08-15.

  Chris Sheridan.             29th.                           20:36.

  Calum Brown.              57th.      3rdU14.       22:05.

  Rab Daly.                    133rd.     2ndU70.       26:27.

  Caitlin Coyle.              135rd.  2ndU14G.       26:30.