Thursday, October 22, 2020

Scottish Veteran Harriers

The Scottish Veteran Harriers Club held their annual LSK Road Relays at Strathclyde Park on Sunday 28th January and the club had three teams competing on the 6k (approx) course. Constant rain and wind provided an extra challenge for our athletes as they splashed  their way round the tarmac and gravel paths surrounding Strathclyde Loch and a series of short but steep hills between 4k and 5k helped to make it a tough circuit.

James Stewart (19.46) was our fastest athlete finishing 3rd in the first leg and he was 5th fastest overall out of the 218 male finishers. In the week that he he was selected to represent Great Britain in the European 24 hour Championships he successfully debunked the myth that ultra runners lack speed. Gerry Craig, Sandy Gardiner and Duncan Thomson completed the line up for our Vet 40 Team who finished 18th out of 51 teams.

Crawford Little (22.25) was out fastest Vet 50 and along with Alex Potter, Michael Craig and Andy Law combined to finish 7th Vet 50 team out of 15 teams..

Lisa Doyle (24.02) was our fastest female athlete finishing 5th in the first leg and she was 11th fastest overall out of the 75 female finishers. Louise Gibson and Emma Kay completed the line up for our Female Team who finished 9th out of 23 teams.

Thanks also to Mark Ashby who took some excellent photos of the action.

Ralph Connolly