Monday, September 20, 2021

Sats Challenge - Club of the Year 2019

Arnold Black, (Scottish Athletics Statistician) has for the first time looked at rankings for the track and field clubs in the SATS Challenge.

The approach was straightforward: from his annual athlete rankings he’s awarded the athlete's club 10 points if their athlete is top of their event rankings, down to 1 point for the 10th placed athlete.

Scoring was on the basis of first-claim club members with the following exceptions: (1) Glasgow City AC, a team set up for the British League are excluded; (2) Universities and Schools are excluded; (3) Where an athlete's first-claim club is Glasgow City AC or a non-Scottish club, and where they are affiliated to a Scottish club AND competed for that club, their points are allocated to the Scottish club.

Victoria Park did exceptionally well, being 1st in both the U17 and U15 age groups, 2nd in the Senior age group, 3rd in the U13 age group and 5th in the U20 age group.  Only Edinburgh had a greater overall points total. 

It not only displays how well we exceeded our expectations last year but reveals why we should be so optimistic for the years ahead.