Monday, September 20, 2021

Christmas Road Race

Our Christmas Road Race will be held at 11am on Sunday the 20th of December.  Anyone who would like to take part should arrive at Scotstoun Stadium by 10.30am.  You don’t need to notify anyone in advance of your intention to take part.  Hopefully this will be our one and only mid pandemic Road Race.

Ample parking will be available within the stadium car park on Sunday morning.  Everyone who’s taking part including parents should enter the stadium via the main gate and make your way to the registration points (attached image) where you’ll be given a number, preferably to wear or to verbally identify yourself.  If you’d prefer, you can bring a piece of card and marker pen to make your own number.

Please maintain at least a 2m distance from everyone within the stadium.  The numbers taking part are expected to be low and we'll all be out in the fresh air.

Senior athletes should go to area B within the main stand.  You will register with Hugh Stevenson.  Junior female athletes should go to area C within the main stand to register with Linda Innes.  Junior male athletes should go to area D within the main stand to register with Hannah Hogben.  You can leave any kit clothing in that area as we’ll have at least one volunteer in situ throughout the race.

Anyone who’s able to assist with marshalling the course should report to Gordon Innes in area F within the main stand.  You’ll be given a briefing, a map and a hi vis vest before going to your point.  We do need parents to come forward on the day to make the event as safe as possible.

Once you’ve registered for the race, you’re welcome to use the infield or the track to warm up.  You’ll be called forward prior to your race and be escorted to the start within your competition bubble.

Athletes who are in the U11, U13, U15 and U17 age groups will compete over the 2 mile course (attached image).  This race will be run on the footpath and athletes will give way to pedestrians throughout the route.  There will be a marshal wearing a hi vis vest at every corner and road crossing along the route.  Athletes should only cross roads when encouraged to do so by the marshal.  Anyone who ignores the advice of a marshal will be disqualified.  Members of any age who’re not familiar with distance running can also complete the two mile course for fun, and a medal of course.

Parents are welcome to jog round in support of any young children.

Senior athletes will compete over the three and a quarter mile MacAndrew course (attached image).  Athletes are encouraged to run on the footpaths.  The senior route will not be marshalled.  Please take care when crossing roads and give way to pedestrians while on the footpath.

Unlike major road races where the organisers have the ability to close roads for the safety of athletes, we must rely on athletes using their common sense and in junior athletes being guided by our marshals.  Please treat the race the same way you would treat a training run, safety comes before your personal success.

On completion of the race, please return to the stadium where you can warm down and collect your kit/clothing.  You’ll receive a medal from Linda Innes which has been pre packed in a paper envelope.

Unlike previous years, there’s no hospitality within the Club Deck and no secret Santa but everyone is encouraged to make it as much fun as possible. 

We hope you can attend and join in the fun.