Sunday, November 28, 2021

West District Cross Country

The West District Cross-country Championships were held on Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at the Ayrshire Athletics Arena in Kilmarnock. It was a cold day and we had athletes representing the club across all the ages. This race was also important because the top 12 in each age group were being picked to represent the West of Scotland team in the upcoming Inter District Championships in January.

First up was the U13 girls and Amiya Patel was 1st, Sophie Sinclair was 11th, Rebecca Barnett was 19th, Amy Byrne was 39th, Erin Downie was 48th and Ella Sharp was 49th. The team of Amiya Patel, Sophie Sinclair and Rebecca Barnett won 3rd team.

In the U13 boys, Saul McGlennan was 3rd, Finlay Waters was 19th, Oscar Moogan Sharratt was 48th and Kyle Flockhart was 53rd. The team of Saul McGlennan, Finlay Waters and Oscar Moogan Sharratt were 4th.

In the U15 girls, Lucy Yeadon was 54th and Alice Williams was 56th.

In the U15 boys’ race, Fraser Gilmour was 11th, Ruairidh Allen was 33rd and Russell Barnett was 35th. They finished 6th team.

In the U17 girls, Lily-Jane Evans-Haggerty was 2nd, Emma Gilmour was 23rd and Jenna Little was 24th. They won 3rd team.

In the Senior Women’s race, Anna Tait was 6th, Stephanie Lawrie was 14th, Becky Dumpy was 20th, Erin McIlveen was 25th and Donna Finlayson was 52nd. The team made up of Anna Tait, Steph Lawrie, Becky Dunphy and Erin McIlveen finished 2nd.

In the senior men’s race, Graeme Lang was 77th, Crawford Little was 100th, Stuart Barnett was 136th, Peter Jardine was 158th, Sandy Gardner was 193rd and Tom Ord was 203rd. They finished 15th team.

It was a fairly successful day for Victoria Park. Well done to all those who turned up to represent the club.


Emma Gilmour