Sunday, November 28, 2021

National Cross Country Championships

The National Cross-Country Championships were held on the 23rd February 2019 in Callender Park. There wad a handful of VP-Glasgow Athletes out on the course representing the club.Anna Tait

The first race was the U13 Girls and we had 11 athletes which the most we’ve seen competing for a long time. They were as follows: Amiya Patel (37th), Rebecca Barnett (52nd), Chrissie Francais (67th), Erin Downie (75th), Amy Byrne (87th), Orla Stewart (91st), Ruth Walsh (92nd), Ines Roan-Reid (102nd), Rebecca Shearer (120th) and Hazel Whitworth (136th). The team finished 12th.

In the U13 boys’ race, Saul McGlennan was 7th. The other boys from VP in his race were as follows: Finlay Waters (37th), Oscar Moogan-Sharatt (133rd) and Aaron Watt (182nd). The team finished 15th.

In the U15 girls, Rosin Cameron Coyle was 52nd.

In the U15 boys, Fraser Gilmour was 12th. The rest of the team were: Sholto Kinghorn (69th), Eoghan Connolly, Ruairidh Allen (85th), Jake Speirs (98th) and Russell Barnett (129th). The team finished 10th.

In the U17 girls, Emma Gilmour was 44th and in the boy’s race of the same age group, Callum Byrne was 51st.

In the U20 women’s, Holly Little was 12th.

In the U20 men’s, Max Milarvie was 2nd and Daniel Smith was 64th.

In the senior women’s the results were as follows: Anna Tait (12th), Becky Dunphy (37th) and Donna Finlayson (191st).

Finally, in the senior men’s race there was Graeme Laing (238th), Stuart Barnett (364th), Alex Potter (377th), Sandy Gardner (504th), Duncan Thomson (557th) and Tom Ord (571st). The team finished 38th.


A huge thanks to everyone who turned up and participated, I hope you all a great day.

Emma Gilmour