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Young Athletes Road Championships

The National Young Athletes Road Championships were held on Saturday 18th March 2017 in Battery Park, Greenock.  Well done to all athletes who competed and performances of note are listed below.

U13B Team who won Silver consisted of Devan Miller (08:41), Russell Barnett (08:52) and Fraser Gilmour (09:02).

Lily Jane Evans-Haggerty put in another individual Gold medal performance with her time of 14:12.

U15G Team who won Silver consisted of Lily Jane Evans-Haggerty (14:12), Isla Britton (15.02) and Jenna Little (16:44).

Robbie Smith won individual Silver in the U17M with a time of 15:30.

Valencia Wright, who was our only competitor in the U13G age group, came a creditable individual 4th in a time of 09:13.

An extremely disappointing turn-out from our U13Gs resulted in an inability to field a team.

There was also the added frustration of having paid entry fees for athletes who did not attend.

However, to end on a high note, a huge well done to Gillian Black who has secured a place in the

GB Junior Women’s Team that will be competing in the IAAF World Cross in Uganda on March 25th.  VP-Glasgow are very proud of Gillian and it is good to see that she has been rewarded for all her hard work and commitment to her training.  Well done also to her coach, Mike Johnston.


Linda Innes

Road Running Update

The latest update about our Road Runners has arrived from Kenny McVey.  The Victoria Park ParkRun is proving very popular.

Falkirk  5k Park Run.

 Sat. 31-12-16.

 Guy Evans-Haggerty               1st                                  17:19.

 Lilley Evans-Haggerty             9th        2ndLady          18:28.


 Ganavan Sands 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 31-12-16.

 Susan Partragesusan             1st                                  19:21.

 Louise Potter                         11th         5thLady           19:21.


 Linwood 5k Park Run. 


 Ralph Connolly                        9th         2ndV50            19:52.


 Pollok Park 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 31-12-16.

 Claire Thompson                  13th         1stLady            19:26.


 Victoria Park 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 31-12-16.

 Valencia Wright                     20th         1stU14Girl       19:30.

 Blayne Wright                        23rd          3rdU14             20:04.

 Amy Bissett                           42nd         1stU17Girl       21:16.

 Louis Sharp                            43rd          4thU14            21:17. 

 Colin Rae                                 44th         6V45                21:29.

 Monica Blair                           72nd         2U17Girl         23:18.

 Tuscany Wright                    170th         2U10Girl         27:50.


 Turkey Trot 10k.

 Boxing  Day.


 Ralph Connolly                      56th           3rdV50            40:58.

 Emma Kay                          152nd           23rdLady         49:45.


 Pollok Park 5k Park Run. 

 Christmas Day. 

 Claire Thompson                   29th            3rdLady           20:14.

 Rhian Daws                             39th            5thLady           20:14.

 Emma Kay                             123rd           18thLady         23:38.

 Caris Morrison                      334th           1stU10Girl       30 :19.


 Drumchapel 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 24-12-16.

 Emma Kay                               12th            4thLady           25:32.


 Ganavan Sands. 

 Sat. 24-12-16.

 Louis Potter                               9th            2ndLady          23:12.


 Victoria Park 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 24-12-16.

 Saul McGlennan                     33rd            3rdU14             20:39.

 Louis Sharp                             48th            6thU14             21:38.

 Colin Rae                                 55th          11thV45             22:08.

 Monica Blair                            71st         1stU17Girl          23:02.

 Ben Fletcher-Smith              201st           15thU14            31:22.


 Linwood 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 17-12-16.

 Thomas Connolly                  15th            2ndU17             21:16.


 Strathclyde 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 17-12-16.

 Tom Ord                                  65th            5thV55              23:56.


 Tollcross 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 17-12-16.

 Blayne Wright                         11th            1stU14              20:36.

 Pollok Park 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 10-12-16.

 Ralph Connolly                       11th            1stV50              19:09.

 Emma Kay                             160th           19thLady           26:13.


 Springburn 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 10-12-16.

 Rhian Callan                           10th             2ndLady            20:55.


 Tollcross 5k Park Run. 


 Blayne Wright                         20th              2ndU14            21:24.


 Victoria 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 10-12-16.

 Saul McGlennan                    12th               1stU10            19:56.

 Colin Rae                                49th                7thV45            21:36.

 Monica Blair                          63rd          2ndU17Girl           22:27.

 Rab Daly                               174th                 1stV75           28:17.

 Lynn Doherty                        207th             69thLady           30:44.


 Aberdeen 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 03-12-16.

 Grace Norman                     101st             20thLady            24:27.


 Linwood 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 10-2-16.

 Ralph Connolly                        5th                 2ndV50          19:08.


 Pollok Park 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 10-12-16.

 Emma Kay                           165th              25thLady           26:15.


 Strathclyde 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 10-12-16.

 Tom Ord                                 15th                 2ndV55           20:05.


 Victoria Park 5k Park Run. 

 Sat. 10-12-16.

 Finlay Waters                         61st                 1stU10           22:16.

Monica Blair                            65th                 U17girl           22:32.

 Lynn Doherty                       202nd              58thLady          30:37.

Road Running Update

Kenny McVey has supplied the latest update from our Road Runners.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run . 

 Sat. 26-11-16.

 Monica Blair                 55th           2U17G            22:39.

 Pollok Park 5k Park Run . 

 Sat. 26-11-16.

 Claire Thomson           11th           1stLady            19:49.

 Jaqui Thomson            21st           2ndLady           20:29.

 3k On The Green.

 Fri. 25-11-16.

 Claire Thomson            28th           2ndLady          10:56.

 Bellahouston 10k.

 Sun. 14-11-16.

 Claire Thomson            54th           3rdLady            39:08.

 Ralph Connolly            100th          8thV50              41:14.

 Monica Blair                 258th         45thLady           48:26.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 13-11-16.

 Saul McGlennan          14th             1stU10              19:20.

 Jo Littlefield                 22nd            4thLady             19:47.

 Rab Daly                       171st           1stV75               28:21.     

 Glenmore Ogle 33mile Ultra Race.

 Sat. 05-11-16.


 Gerry Craig                   7th            4hrs    15mins      28sec.

 VictoriaPark 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 05-11-16.

 Jaqui Thomson           26th              1stLady              19:42.

 Colin Rae                      58th              5thV45                21:41.

 Gordon Murray            60th              1stV45                22:02.

 Fraser McDonald        65th               3rdU17               22:10.

 Monica Blair                86th            2ndU17Lady         23:06.

 Rab Daly                       261st             2ndV75              29:56.

 Pollok 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 05-11-16.

 Louis Sharp                  36th               5thU14               21:02.

 Ella Sharp                     152nd         1stU10Girl            25:53.

 Linwood 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 05-11-16.

 Ralph Connolly             5th                 1stV50               19:08.


Road Race Update

Kenny McVey has sent in the latest summary of our endurance athletes competition results.  Please send in any pictures of our athletes competing.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run . 

 Sat. 29-10-16.

 Finlay Waters                    31st        1stU10        20:35.

 Emma Kay                         37th        1stLady       21:21.

 Monica Blair                      95th        2U17G         23:34.

 Jenna Padgett                  187th      2U14G         27:32.

 Strathclyde 5k Park Run . 


 Tom Ord                             23rd        2V55            20:30.

 3k On The Green.

 Fri. 28-10-16.

 Peter Jardine                     33rd       3rdV50         10:54.

 Great South Run.

 Sun. 23-10-16.


 Beth Potter                        5th          54:57.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 22-10-q6.

 Colin Rae                           44th        8thV45         21:34.

 Monica Blair                    105th       2ndU17G      24:25.

 Rebecca Elsby               176th       1stU10G       27:24.      

 SVHC 10000m Track Championships. 

 Sun. 16-10-16.

 Joe Doyle                                   48:06.

 Aviemore Half Marathon.

 Sun. 16-10-16.

 Gordon Murray                  218th       5thV60.         1h 34m 47s.

 Loch Rannoch Half Marathon.

 Sun. 16-10-16.

 Emma Kay                          9th           2ndLady       1h 34m 53s.

 Loch Rannoch Marathon.

 Sun. 16-10-16.

 Gerry Craig                         10th         3rdV45.         3h 00m 06s.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run . 

 Sat. 15-10-16.

 Fraser McDonald              42nd        1stU17             21:42.

 Caitlin Coyle                      86th          2ndU14G         24:04.

 Monica Blair                      103rd        2ndU17G         25:10.

 Caris Morrison                  178th        2ndU10G         28:28.

 Pollok 5k Park Run.  

 Sat. 15-10-16.

 Claire Thompson.              8th           1stLady            19:03.

 Linwood 5k Park Run.  

 Sat. 15-10-16.

 Ralph Connolly.                  7th            2nbV50            19:06.

 Neil McCover Half Marathon . 

 Sun. 09-10-16.


 Gerry Craig .                        20th          6V45                1h 23m 51s.

 VictoriaPark 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 08-10-16.

 Finlay Waters                      35th          1stU10             19:48.

 Colin Rae                             65th          8thV45              21:11.

 Sophie Sinclair                   86th          1stU10G            22:15.

 Rebecca Elsby                   164th         3rdU10G           24:41.

 Monica Blair                       172nd       1stU17G            25:06.

 Strathclyde 5k Park Run.   

 Sat. 08-10-16.

 Susan Hair                          127th         23Lady              27:10.

 Pollok 5k Park Run . 

 Sat. 08-10-16.

 Jaqui Thomson                   21st          1stLady             20:14.

 Great Scottish Run Half Marathon.

 Sun. 02-10-16.

 Beth Potter                           30th.         5th Lady            1h 12m 07s.

 Leslie Pirrie                          106th        15thLady           1h 17m 54s.

 Alex Potter                            290th        2ndV55             1h 25m 33s.

 Alison Kerr                            773rd        5thLV45            1h 35m 14s 

 Gordon Murray                   1398th        6thV60              1h 42m 30s.

 Great Scottish Run 10k.

 Sun. 02110-16.

 Jo Moultrie                             20th         1stLady             34:19.

 Lewis Priest                            31st         1stU17              35:02.

 Cameron Kemp                      81st         2ndU17             37:50.

 Ralph Connolly                     100th         3rdV50              38:37.

 Claire Thompson                 110th         2ndLV40           39:05.

 Abby McGhee                       111th         11thLady          39:06.

 Damien Moore                      179th                                   41:15.

 Cory O'hara                            223rd                                   42:15.

 Amy McLellan                       319th         37thLady          44:28.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run . 

 Sat. 01-10-16.

 Rhian Daws                             10th           1stLady           18:28.

 Finlay Waters                          23rd            1stU10            20:19.

 Transcendence 24 Hour Track Race. (GB Champ)




 James Stewart      1st.    160.38miles/258.11Km.  (645 laps).